Yellowstone Roadtrip

Since my dad and I were going to be driving out to Chicago for a trade show, we decided that we would “take the long way home” and stop at a few sightseeing locations in the process. We left Chicago on Friday morning the 12th of Sept and headed west. Our route took us through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and then to South Dakota, where we stopped at Badlands National park, Mount Rushmore, and Crazyhorse monument.

We continued on to Wyoming, passing through Yellowstone Park, and then west into Montana and Idaho before heading back to Wyoming to see Grand Teton National Park. (The MT and ID leg of the trip was an unplanned detour, and was the result of road closures in Yellowstone Park.) Next, we stopped in Colorado for a couple days visiting friends and family before returning home on a southern route, through NM, TX, OK, AR, TN, WV, MD, PA. Altogether, we spent 9 days in the car, and covered a total of 5300 miles. My photo gallery from the trip can be seen here.